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New Lead Generation Trends in 2023 That Will Keep You ahead of The Competition

As a home improvement contractor, you need to stay up-to-date with the latest lead generation strategies in order to remain competitive, differentiate yourself, and attract new leads.

In 2023, the best home improvement contractors will utilize these hot, new lead generation strategies to rise above and differentiate themselves from the pack, on top of all of the fundamental lead generation tactics they already use. 

Short on time? Watch this video... Otherwise keep scrolling for the good stuff.


Leveraging AI content to get leads organically

Tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, Synthesia, and Captions AI took the world by storm in late 2022, bringing AI generated content to the masses in easy to use (and even free in some cases) consumer-focused software.

In 2023, the savvy home improvement contractors will use these tools to up their content game on social platforms and beyond, gaining even more organic reach within their local areas. 

Synthesia App
These AI tools by themselves won't solve all your content problems. No. These tools won't do much for the lazy home improvement contractor. The winners will be the contractors that apply these tools strategically to 4x their efficiency. 

I personally use ChatGPT and Jasper to combat writer's block, to generate interesting blog or video script ideas (yes I even used them a bit on this post), and to generate first draft social media content descriptions and metadata tags.

I use Captions AI to intelligently trim dead space out of my videos, apply captions over my talking, and occasionally to generate script ideas that I can riff off of using their baked in AI script generator. If you're an iOS user, you can also use the Clips app made by Apple themselves to do much of the same.

Synthesia is a great tool for things like informational content, especially across multiple languages. I'd recommend using it to create a library of professional, helpful, multilingual informational and educational content for your staff or for homeowners.


A major caveat to AI Content

I have never once published any content without a thorough vetting and editorial review to make the content unique to my goals. In order to effectively use these tools, you simply have to layer in your own unique business value – without exception.

Watch David Meltzer talk about the need to personalize the AI content below.


If you don't start leveraging these tools for your business in 2023, you'll find that contractors who are using them will be producing content 4x faster than you, and drowning you out everywhere you look.

Making your project work even more public

Popular home improvement industry tools like CompanyCam, GetTheReferral and ProjectMapIt are even more heavily immersing themselves in the project lifecycle, with features to help you share photos and project updates with the customers you're working with.

These companies will continue to build value into the project experience, and you can leverage these to turn existing customer relationships into rich sources of new, quality leads by making sure these the project work is getting publicized.

Embed your CompanyCam photos, or your ProjectMapIt map, in your lead capture landing pages (we recommend BluePages.Pro if you don't have a landing page provider) to publicize the real work you're doing in the local area.

This gets prospective customers excited about those copper gutters you just installed across town, the new kitchen renovation you did next door, or that cool full-circuit geothermal + solar + battery storage + heat pump + sauna and hot tub setup your HVAC company just finished.

Surfacing project photos and videos, and specifics about each job, will be a powerful tool for you to gain more leads in 2023. If you need help with content, hit us up - we have a lot of connections that do work in the home improvement space (like Presto Media, Hook Agency, and Ascend Digital, among a few).

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