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Introducing A Better Way To Canvass

Let’s face it, canvassing can often be the grubby field sales and lead generation technique that nobody wants to do. But we all know it yields results. Lots of contractors swear by it! 

What if you could get the results of canvassing without the pain? What if you could make canvassing easier, more efficient, and more successful? That’s where bite-sized prospect lists and proximity door knocking come in!


Bite-Sized Prospect Lists

Canvassing can be overwhelming. That’s why you should break it down into smaller tasks. How small? Bite-sized! Create manageable “bites” of field sales work by making separate prospect lists for each neighborhood or job site.

This will make your list of prospects easier to manage and help you focus on specific areas at a time, and ultimately lets you make new homeowner connections a habit, rather than an occasional hobby. And doing new prospect outreach regularly is the point right? 

Proximity Selling around Jobsites And Leads

Instead of trying to canvass a massive swath of homes, try this tactic: focus on the neighbors immediately around a jobsite or a lead.

Bonus insight: there is often less competition for these customers since other contractors are not likely to be as present in this same area as you.

Their proximity makes them far more likely to have an interest in home improvement projects since they are already immersed in the same environment as your target customer. Plus, you’re already there visiting the jobsite or the lead, so you might as well put a few door hangers on, right?

Make Door Knocking a Bonus Add-on

While door knocking is a really effective lead generation tactic, don’t worry so much about that. Just get in the habit of throwing a sticky note or a door hanger up on the door. Add a sticky note as a leave behindIf you can handwrite on your sticky note, even better! 

If you want to get fancy, pre-print your sticky notes with a logo and a QR code on them. Link your QR code to a dedicated web landing page (if you don't have one, we'd recommend Blue Pages Pro. The instant estimators available from Roofr and Roofle are also popular tools to use - they have integrations with Blue Pages Pro).


Maximizing Your Time

The key to maximizing your efficiency while canvassing is staying organized throughout the process. Make sure you have all relevant materials including maps and prospect lists printed off beforehand so that you know exactly what needs to be done and how long it will take before moving onto the next task or neighborhood. 

Planning ahead will help you get the most out of your canvassing efforts while minimizing any wasted time spent on logistics throughout the day. 

Canvassing is an important part of any home improvement contractor’s business who wants to grow but it doesn't have to be difficult or inefficient! Using bite-sized prospect lists and proximity selling around jobsites and leads can maximize your efficiency while also helping increase lead generation success rates with minimal effort and time wasted.

And most importantly, it’s easy to do so you can incorporate it into your schedule and make it a habit! Do yourself a favor and give bite-sized canvassing a try — you won't regret it.

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